1. Download the file from this page. Make sure you download this file as it is. Some browsers will try to automatically unzip it, but you just want to save it to disk.* The file is about 15 MB.
  2. Once you have the file, copy it to the *root* of a USB thumb drive.
  3. Now take the thumb drive to the running OpenClassroom unit and insert it into one of the two USB ports in the back.
  4. Watch the LCD panel and it should say "Update file found, Running update..." It will continue to show this until the update is finished (less than 5 minutes). Then it will briefly flash that it completed and then return to the normal screen that shows the URL.
  5. At that point, the update is done. You can remove the thumb drive and when you log into the application, you should see the new version number in the upper left of the screen.

*Safari users need to right click and choose 'Download Linked File As..." It will add .txt to the file it creates, so then you need to go rename it to its original name (with the .tbz extension) before moving it to a thumb drive.

Download version 2.0 released 6/7/09 - This is a Universal Release.  It will update all previous versions. Manually restart your OpenClassroom appliance after this update completes. New features and changes included in this release:

  • Much improved home page experience - new What's New and What's Due sections alert students and teachers to recent activities, so you can quickly jump to what's recent or most relevant
  • Twitter-like announcements feature to easily and quickly post a short message to the entire class
  • Ability to embed multimedia - students and teachers can incorporate rich media (audio and video) directly into their Wikis, Blogs, Forums and Assignments for a much richer collaborative experience
  • Customizable Home Page - teachers can add their school's logo onto the page and each user can customize their own home page layout
  • Simplified workflow for setting up students and classes
  • Improved user interface throughout application
  • Improved security during the login process
  • Many other small enhancements and bug fixes (see attached list of updates)

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