Customer Testimonials

"OpenClassroom Server is a very useful and effective tool for my classroom. It provides an easy way for me to organize and access class assignments, and gives students a home base for online assignments, discussion forums, and blogs. Because their assignments are neatly stored and ready to be assessed, OpenClassroom Server has significantly improved my grading process"
Valerie Cypert, 7th grade Teacher, Miller Middle School, Cupertino USD. Cupertino, CA

“Our teachers love the new features and interface design. We are particularly
happy that they listened to our feedback and implemented many of the features
we requested"
Tom Plati, Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Technology, Lexington Public Schools. Lexington, MA

“… Still loving OpenClassroom. I recently had a student take a trip to Mexico for 2 weeks, and he was able to say caught up because he logged onto OpenClassroom each
day for most of his work. He even participated in a discussion thread! Amazing!!!”
Stephanie Klinger, Teacher, Montesano SD. Montesano, WA

"OpenClassroom provides students with online activities (forums, wikis, blogs)
that encourage collaboration and enrich daily lessons. With a couple of
clicks, teachers can provide students with course material (presentations and
documents), create activities for students, and collect student work. There are
many Classroom/Learning Management Systems available today. However,
OpenClassroom provides a simple interface that teachers and young students
will find easy to use"
Lisa Diffenderfer, Upper Elementary Technology Coordinator, Harker Elementary School. Saratoga, CA

“I thought it made everything seem much easier, and it made a difference in the
discussion. For example, everyone could see everybody’s work and I think that
made the discussion richer than it used to be”
7th grade Student, Cupertino USD. Cupertino, CA

“Things are great. I have a few new teachers FIGHTING for lab use...I love it.
Teachers at the "retirement" age of their career are using this daily...Love it. It
is changing the way technology is used at my site. Faith is being restored that
technology can be helpful and reliable. Didn't think I'd ever hear those words from
anyone on my staff"
Jim Kongrues, Teacher, Twin Oaks High School. San Marcos, CA