Aspen Learning Launches OpenClassroom Server to Foster Collaboration and Communication in Today’s Schools

Classroom Appliance Delivers Learning Management Tools and Web 2.0 Applications to Develop 21st Century Skills and Learning

San Antonio, TX (NECC) – June 30, 2008 – Aspen Learning, Inc, an education technology provider, today announced the OpenClassroom Server, an affordable appliance for K-12 classroom, computer lab or school use that combines learning management tools, collaborative software, and personal storage space to support the development of 21st century skills and learning. The self-contained, robust server, which supports up to 200 students, is simple to set up, use and maintain, delivers a suite of web 2.0 applications to facilitate safe, private collaboration and communication, and operates in a networked environment from any browser-based device, without requiring an open Internet connection.

“Our goal is to provide a single, networked appliance that combines everything a student or teacher needs to collaborate and communicate safely in the classroom or from home,” said Manish Kothari, president of Aspen Learning. “With more than fifteen years of experience delivering education technology solutions, we created this product from the ground up for use in today’s classroom. We hand-selected the best applications for use across the curriculum, created a simple, consistent user interface that is easy for teachers to control, and made it network-accessible to encourage collaborative learning, yet safe from the risks and distractions of the Internet.”

Aspen Learning was co-founded by Manish and Ketan Kothari, co-founders of AlphaSmart, a company known for delivering easy-to-use technology solutions to thousands of schools nationwide. Their passion for education technology continues, as does their goal for creating simple, affordable, and portable tools that empower students and teachers, and support 21st century skills and learning.

Key features of Aspen Learning’s new OpenClassroom Server include:

  • Collaboration – Easy-to-use academic blogging, wikis, and forums allow students to express themselves through collaborative writing, personal and group journals, and classroom discussion boards.
  • Learning Management – Calendar and organization tools make it easy for teachers to manage a wide range of assignments, activities, and content.
  • Communication – Simple tools enable teachers and students to safely, privately and effectively communicate and interact among themselves in the classroom, or from home.
  • Personal Storage – Private storage areas (up to 750 MB per student) provide teachers and students a safe, convenient place to save and manage files.
To complement its core application software, Aspen Learning is also pursuing strategic alliances with a variety of education content providers. The company’s goal is to continually build-out the value-added content and tools available on its OpenClassroom Server products. To date, two organizations have agreed to integrate content, with more partnerships to be announced soon:
  • To inspire creativity in the classroom, the complete library of Pics4Learning copyright-friendly images will be included from Tech4Learning ( This collection includes more than 20,000 images for use in student projects, web pages or presentations with absolutely no copyright concerns.
  • An extensive selection of teacher resources will be available by grade level and subject area from Curriki ( The nonprofit organization is in the process of building the first and only Internet site to offer a complete course of free and open source instruction and assessment for K-12.
“OpenClassroom Server is a very useful and effective tool for my classroom,” said Valerie Cypert, seventh grade teacher, Cupertino Union School District in Cupertino, California. “It provides an easy way for me to organize and access class assignments, and gives students a home base for online assignments, discussion forums, and blogs. Because their assignments are neatly stored and ready to be assessed, OpenClassroom Server has significantly improved my grading process.”

Pricing and Availability

The OpenClassroom Server is now available for $1,200 plus shipping from the company’s website at, with shipments beginning in July. Any order received by July 31 will receive a special promotional discount of $200. The company expects to introduce a model that supports up to 1,000 students this fall.

About Aspen Learning

Aspen Learning, Inc. created the OpenClassroom Server to support the development of 21st century skills and learning. It provides K-12 educators with an affordable, easy-to-use appliance that combines learning management tools with collaborative web 2.0 software and personal storage space. Founded in 2007, the private company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit
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Aspen Learning Public Relations

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