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Who we are

Aspen Learning is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. We develop unique, cost-effective technology solutions for the education market globally (schools, colleges and corporate recruiting/training).

Our goal in India is to market and sell these solutions along with professional development/training to help assess and improve English skills (for employees and students), and to enhance productivity (for instructors and teachers). Aspen Learning is authorized as an ETS Distributor in India for Criterion®.


Criterion® is an online evaluation service developed by ETS (see below). It provides trainers, instructors, employees and students with quick, reliable assessments of written English-language skills or essays. It delivers immediate score reporting and diagnostic feedback that employees and students can use to help improve their written skills. Trainers and instructors can use the tool to quickly and objectively gauge their employees' or students' written skills. More information for Criterion® is available at

ETS strives to advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating assessments based on rigorous research. ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually in more than 180 countries, at 9,000+ locations worldwide. More information about ETS is available at

Unique benefits of Criterion®:

  • Developed by ETS, a global leader in research-driven solutions for assessment
  • Improves writing skills and instructor productivity: ideally used in conjunction with a trainer or an instructor
  • Much more specific than Microsoft Word, and more objective than a human scorer
  • Provides immediate (less than 30 seconds), objective feedback of written skills
  • Provides a holistic score with a summary (and details) of all errors
  • Highlights errors in the written piece or essay
  • Flexible: pricing is based on each submission (of the written work or essay)
  • Web-based: can be administered from anywhere, and is easily scalable

How can I use Criterion®?

  • Quickly and objectively assess the written skills of new hires before they come on board
  • Quickly and objectively assess the written skills of current employees, or students
  • Free instructor/teacher time by using Criterion® to provide feedback for errors, thereby allowing her to focus on skills improvement

OpenClassroom is a course/learning management platform designed to compliment a classroom that is already using an interactive whiteboard and laptop computers. Easy to setup and use, in a few minutes, it helps you:

  • Manage Assignments, Classes and Calendars
  • Administer and grade Quizzes,conduct Polls and more
  • Create safe and simple Wikis, Blogs and Forums
  • Interact with your employees or students through secure Messaging

Unique benefits of OpenClassroom:

  • Very easy to use, setup and maintain
  • Robust, self-contained "appliance" server allows users to do their work on a LAN (local area network) without Internet access
  • Extremely secure
  • Intergrated Calendar reminds users of what's due and when
  • Access OpenClassroom via any browser on any computer

How can I use OpenClassroom?

  • Send, receive and grade assignments (such as quizzes) for your employees or students to assess their comprehension of the subject matter
  • Track employee or student performance and work over time
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